J-Darling is a leader in custom designed urban gear. Our staff of internationally reviewed designers are some of the best in the world. We do custom embroidery, cut vinyl stickers, custom made wooden items, architectural elements and much more. We accept most jobs. No job is too small or too large for J-Darling.

At J-Darling, our most important value is making you, our customer, happy and satisfied. We will take time to help you create the perfect design for your company or event, and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the finished product! We have no minimum orders, so we can fit your needs if you need one item, or one hundred! This makes J-Darling ideal for filling much of your company logo, church event, family reunion, or personalized t-shirt, apparel, and vinyl sticker needs! We also offer a variety of premade fun and original t-shirts, baby onsies, vinyl stickers and more!

Ordering and Shipping:

  • Orders will be processed securely via paypal.
  • Information provided such as credit card numbers, account numbers, etc to Paypal for order processing remain encrypted and are never released.
  • J-Darling is wholly owned and operated by Landsgate Design Group.
  • Payment will be made to Landsgate Design Group, and shipping will be made from Landsgate Design Group.
  • In most cases orders will ship within 2-5 business days. In some cases order shipment may be delayed due to back order processing. If shipment is delayed more than the allowed 2-5 days purchaser will be notified via email.
  • Shipping is figured on an average per-item basis.
  • Orders over $100.00 will receive free shipping.

Return Policy

    Our goal is always to make our customers happy. Should you not be happy with your purchase, or if there is something wrong with the item(s), please use our contact form to let us know, and we will work out the problem with you.

Feedback Forum

    We welcome feedback on our products. Each one goes through a rigorous testing phase before it is released. Some products never make it past that arduous gauntlet. Others get put into production and sold here. But just because a product makes it to our website does not guarantee its popularity and longevity. Every product is constantly being looked at to see if it is still viable. Changes in availability of materials, production costs, and many other factors determine how long we keep selling each of our products.

    One of the big factors is you. Feedback from you on how well you like an item, how it performs and what results you got from it are extremely valuable to us. We encourage you to write to us and tell us what you think.

J-Darling Administrative Information

    J-Darling is wholly owned by Landsgate Design Group of Oklahoma City, OK. The legal address for both companies is:

    c/o Landsgate Design Group
    P.O. Box 95133
    Oklahoma City, OK 73143

    The names J-Darling, Landsgate Design Group, TTPK and the product names used herein are all © 2007 Landsgate Design Group, as are the contents of this website, with all rights reserved.

    Order processing is done through Landsgate Design Group and Paypal. Payment statements will show items paid to Landsgate Design Group.

    J-Darling and/or Landsgate does not recognize any claim of liability or responsibility for the use of these products.


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