We are a production shop. What does that mean? It means that if you need a graphics or imaging project done on time, correctly the first time, then J-Darling is where you go first. Regardless of size or scope - from one to very large, we welcome your project with a smile and a positive attitiude. Quite simply, we want your business.

When you see the name J-Darling, you often see the phrase "Urban Gear Gone Wild" with it. You may ask yourself just what is Urban Gear and how does it go wild. Well Urban Gear is all about the things in our life that define us and make us distinct. It's the city stuff that we urban dwellers all have and cling to; things like the favorite sweatshirt or the one coffee cup we always use.

At J-Darlng we believe in Urban Gear and how it is the cohesive element in each of our day-to-day lives. We are careful about the products we select for our Urban Gear. We want each of our items to be the right thing to reflect your life images.

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